The Wife Let Something Slip Last Night

June 10th, 2016

The other night my wife and I had our date night, although we did not go any place. We sent the kid to her mother and I cooked us a nice meal, fettuccine with alfredo sauce. I brought home a nice bottle of white wine and we drank pretty much all of it. At some point she started to get really frisky, which was more or less the whole idea. You need a little romance in a marriage. However she let slip that she had been looking at some 3some sites on the internet. Apparently this is something of a fantasy for her, but I was not keen on the idea until I had more ideas. The simple fact is that I am not at all interested in having a threesome with another man, that just does not have any appeal to me and I was certainly hoping that was not what she was interested in. I have not ever been very comfortable around other naked men and I certainly never wanted to share a bed with another man.

Of course I would be completely willing to consider this if it involved two women and me, that is a totally different thing in fact. Or at least it is completely different from where I am sitting. One thing is perfectly acceptable and the other is not in any acceptable. I know that is not a consistent position, but it is just the way that it is. In fact it turns out that she has fantasies about other women, and I am not quite sure how I feel about that. She seemed to think that I might want to watch, which I was very much willing to consider. However when she woke up this morning she pretended that none of this had ever happened.


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