The Tibetan Theory for Chakra

April 23rd, 2012

For the Tibetan the theory, the chakra plays a very important role in the entire yoga tantras. It plays an essential role in the completion of the stage practices where there is an attempt to bring the entire subtle winds of the person’s body to the central part of the channel. This is done to realize the emptiness and clearer light of one’s bliss. It is also used to obtain the so called illusory body of the divinity. For the Tibetan system, the central channel may begin at the location of one’s third eye. It will then curve up to the crown part of one’s head and then goes down to the body. Then it will go downwards to the tip of one’s sexual organ and to the solar channel of anus. Alongside, the person’s central channel lays the ten chakras which are about four or can be five that are expounded as crucial parts.


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