Started Getting Ready to Move

September 27th, 2015

Started getting ready to move this morning. I have very little time and so I have been looking for more information on exactly where I am going to live and how I will have to deal with the day to day stuff when I get down there. I am going to be working as a research assistant for a professor at Texas A & M, but we are not really going to be spending that much time in College Station. The job is out in the field and I am looking for a place that is further South and in a good location for traveling to various locations. This is stuff that is involved in the A part of A & M. It is about testing a specific type of agricultural technology and seeing how it works over a wide area. In fact it is sort of a secret. That is not the sort of thing you expect to be a top secret deal, but this is big money if it works.

Think about how big of a deal agriculture is in this country. Say for instance you develop a new type of soy bean. That new strain of soy bean is more desired because it produces more productive fields. If you get a hundred bushels per acre then you want to get a hundred and ten bushels if you can. That is just an example, but you get the idea. You are talking about a big pile of money if it is some person who has a thousand acres of crops and you bump up the production by ten percent. Of course the weather is going to be the big issue with any real world problem. If the weather is good then you are going to do great at farming.


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