Spending My Summer in South Dakota

September 24th, 2015

I am sitting out by a campfire right now, sort of watching the stars and also watching direct tv in naples South Dakota. My uncle has a place up here where he plays cowboy in his spare time. This is not really a town though and we are about five or ten miles from it any way. I think there are are maybe fifty people in Naples, but it is not like I looked it up. There are a lot more cows in this area and more horses than people pretty easily. My uncle has around a dozen horses and some ponies as well, some of them are pretty much wild and a couple of them are as tame as house cats. He has a couple of cutting horses and he likes to go out and move cows around the way that John Wayne would in one of those old Western Movies. Of course the truth is that if you have a horse who knows their business it is not like you got to be John Wayne or I guess the real analog would be Bill Picket or some other real cowboy.

At any rate I came up here in a rented RV and so I have a TV in it that I can bring out of doors and you can watch basketball while you are staring up at the sky. It is not the sky you see in the civilized parts of the world though. It is a lot closer to the stars that you would have seen a hundred years ago before they had electric lights on every corner and every living room. All of that light pollutes the sky so that you only see the brightest stars in the sky. Here you can see many more stars than elsewhere.


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