Pets Accepted in Very Nice Houston, Texas Apartments

August 30th, 2016

Mom has a pet cat. Everyone loves that cat except me. I must admit it is the relationship the two of us have. Not between my mother and I, but rather the relationship I have with the cat. It does not like me at all. I have never done anything to the cat to make it feel the way it does. My stance is that the cat now owes me. Mom thought she would have to give give up Dave, the cat, because she had to move. However, I found some nice Houston Texas apartments that are okay with pets. They allow cats and dogs. They are quite liberal with the weight limits on pets too. Most places only have a 25 pound limit on dogs, but these apartments let you have up to a 75 pound dog.

Dave is not 75 pounds, but he is fat. Dave was welcome at the new place. He is actually the laziest and friendliest cat I have ever seen. He just does not like me. He gets all aggravated and will even hiss at me. He does not bite or scratch or spray or any of those annoying things some cats do. I like him because he makes my mom happy. She has been alone now for a number of years. The new apartment is really nice too. It is not like one of those places you think might be open to people that have pets. Some people imagine a place that takes pets must be not as nice. That is not the case here. These apartments are very nice. I was thinking about getting one myself. I would but mom would end up at my place every day, and that would not work with my lifestyle.

Dave made the transition to the new place nicely. He took up his spot on the couch with no signs of stress the first night they moved in. He did not get worked up until I came to visit. He did his hiss and went and hid under the bed until I left. I now jokingly call him the ingrate.


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