Our Church Has Joined Modern Times

September 6th, 2020

I created a website for our church many years ago. It was just a very basic site that included things such as our mission statement as well as biographies of the church staff. We did not do anything like live streaming or online giving when I designed the site, because those things just were not something small churches did. We have about 200 people who come regularly, and we have since moved into a more modern age as far as technology and church are concerned. That is when I knew that we needed professional ecommerce web design help.

More people were staying home and wanting to watch the sermon online. This was mostly our elderly population, and this was especially rampant during bad weather months. The person who put together the live stream setup told me that he did not know how to do all the ins and outs as far as the website was concerned, so I went online to get some quotes. We have a small budget, and I was concerned that we would not be able to find anyone who could work with what we had budgeted.

I was really happy when the first company I looked at came in under what we had budgeted for their quote. They were going to redo the entire website, and they showed me how to update the video content every week. Now, our church members can watch from the comfort of their own home if they are not feeling well or if the weather is bad. Not only can they watch, but they can also do tithes and offerings online. They can even submit prayer requests that are received instantly and passed out that same day to our prayer team. This has not only helped our own members, but our church is now growing because others are able to watch our services live too.


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