Moving Was the Right Thing for Me and My Family

September 2nd, 2016

Getting out of my home country is one of the best things that I could ever do for myself. Now, my plan is to help the rest of my family get out and join me where I am now. I miss home and I keep up with the latest Taraba news online, which helps to quell some of my homesickness. As much as I miss home, I will never go back. I am far better off now.

I grew up in an area that was often full of political strife. You ran into it in your daily life on a continual basis and it never let up. I saw the toll that it was taking on my parents. I knew that it would do the same to me as I grew older and had it affect me for many years, too. I promised my parents that I would get us all out one day. My dad was skeptical, but my mom said that she believed that I could do it. She saw the strength in my eyes and heard it in words. I felt the strength, too. My grandparents told me that they felt that we were stuck with our lot in life and that it would be too hard, but I wanted to prove to them that I keep my promises.

Now that I live somewhere else, I am so happy with the opportunities that are available. I feel appreciation for every chance I get to work hard, show my appreciation and give back to the country that is giving so much to me. I wanted to try to share this with family members as soon as possible, so I wire them money to help them. It has made their lives better. I am already in the process of getting my grandparents moved here since they are older. Next, I will do the same for my mom and dad, too.


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