Meg is Going to Blow All Her Money I Think

August 14th, 2014

I have been dating this girl for a long time and I always knew that her family had money, but she never told me about the trust fund until one day she came home with a new convertible. It was a really expensive car and I was amazed that she could afford it. Of course I am working and going to school and the best I am thinking of doing for spring break is one of those cheap spain holidays package. She started talking about going to Ibiza and spending three weeks renting a villa, the sort of place you would usually rent with a whole extended family. For instance my Dad got one of those places one summer, but they rented it along with his sister and his brother in law and my grandparents. There were around twelve or thirteen people living in that place for a couple of weeks. Obviously they split the cost up several ways.

I have no idea how much money is in this trust fund, but so far she has gone through a great bit of it buying that car and a lot of clothes. She is talking about getting a bigger place as well, apparently she could afford to get a condo. We went to see her parents last weekend and they did not seem all that upset by any of it. In fact her mother laughed at me when I asked if she could really afford that car. She asked me if I had not ever been to Newport, the one in Rhode Island I suppose. I had not and she said that I had to go meet her father some day.I suppose this meant that the money came from her father, but of course I did not press the issue much.


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