Jack Bought Some Used Packing Equipment

September 27th, 2015

I have no idea what we would do with this stuff, but I can not say that Jack was way off base. The stuff is called tray packaging equipment and you need it if you have a factory that produces things that you ship in trays obviously. In this case it came out of a factory that went out of business and when the auction was over no one bought this. The concept is pretty simple here. We either sell it for what it is on the web, or we take it to a scrap yard and sell it as junk metal. Of course it is worth a good deal of money if you need this sort of thing so we are willing to store it for a little while and see if any people want to make us a good offer on it. If we get the right price we can part with it happily. Of course we can not hold on to it indefinitely. It is a bother to keep it in storage for an unlimited amount of time. That is just not a practical idea, but this is worth the risk.

At any rate we have been doing okay with this as a side line. The only problem is that we might not have enough space because Jack is always looking for discounts and that seems to come on stuff that no one wants to store. This is a lot of bulk here and it is going to be a pretty good chore to move it out of the warehouse when the time comes. The guys down there were definitely not in favor of this deal, because it was a lot of trouble for them and it is hard for them to make things work out so they have space.


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