What Eating Organically Means to Us

August 29th, 2015

We started to change our diets at our house about a year ago. I am not talking about diet in the way most people do. I am talking about diet as in everything we consume in food and drink and supplements. A traditional definition of “diet” is to restrict calories by cutting out or cutting back on food. However, it means everything we do eat at our house as well as what we drink and the supplements we take. Our dietary intake includes a lot of organic food delivery in Singapore directly to our house. We prefer to eliminate as much of the chemical load as we can. You cannot tell me that some residual pesticides or synthetic fertilizers do not get into the fruits and vegetables that are not grown organically.

We are picky about our organic food too. We make sure it is really sourced from a farm that produces real organic fruits and vegetables. It is more than just a label to us. Continue reading »


Direct TV is Just a Better Deal

August 27th, 2015

We had always had our TV programming through the local cable company, but that changed not long ago after we had looked online at some Direct TV packages. We did that because our cable company warned us that they were in a dispute with a channel that we all like at home, and that we were in danger of losing it. That did not sit well with any of us, so we decided to become proactive rather than reactive with the situation. That is how we ended up at a site that sells and installs Direct TV.

We looked at their packages to make sure that we were able to get the channel that we were in danger of losing with our cable company. We were relieved to see that we would be able to get it with no problem on most of the different packages that Direct TV offers to its customers. That is another thing that is really nice. They don’t have just two different packages like the cable company. They have quite a few, which meant that we were able to tailor our programming package more to what we wanted instead of what the cable company wanted for us. Continue reading »

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