We Saw a Genuine Side of Sicily

February 8th, 2014

When my friend and I went to Sicily for a five day holiday, we were pretty excited. We didn’t pick Sicily for any particular reason. We just looked at some travel sites, and we liked what we saw there. The prices for airfare and lodging were very affordable too, and it looked like there would be a lot of things there for us to do. After we got settled into our hotel room, we went to lunch. That is where we found out about a company that provides day excursions in sicily.

Since we had no itinerary to follow, this sounded perfect for us.


Even Cheap Holidays to Spain Can Be a Grand Adventure of Fun

February 6th, 2014

Spain is actually not that far away from where we live. I have been on holidays to other parts of the world much farther away. However, I have always wanted to visit Spain. I know I like the food. Of all the things my wife and I get to experience on our annual holidays, I remember the people and the food of the different places we visit the most. Some people remember a tourist attraction, or they remember something historical they learned. Our budget was a little less this year so cheap holidays to spain was what we were looking for.

The airfare was not going to be too bad since we did not have to cross an ocean to get there. Never having been there, I wanted to make sure we got a really nice hotel. I learned a long time ago that when you go on holiday, you want to get the best hotel you can afford. Continue reading »

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