Tibet is Peaceful and Quiet

January 14th, 2014

I have a few friends that wanted to go to Tibet because they were studying philosophy and religion in college and I thought that it was a good idea. I heard that it was a great place to go and I knew that it was going to be beautiful so I told them that I would go with them and that the verblyf in pretoria would be one of the best things to see while we were there. I knew that the Dali Lama would be there and that since it was his home that I might have a chance to see him but I would not be able to count on it because he does not come out all of the time.


We Really Liked Our Experience with Sunshine Coast Luxury Transfers

January 11th, 2014

Sunshine Coast Australia - 1920x1440 - 381580When we were in Australia visiting relatives I remember them having a van pick us up at the airport. I even remember the name of the company. It was sunshine coast luxury transfers. It was so much better than some other shuttling or taxi services I have seen in different parts of the world. It was me, my wife and our four children plus a whole lot of luggage. I paid so much for the extra bags that we could have brought a couple of more people with us. It might have been cheaper to just buy new clothes when we arrived! But, I digress.

What I really liked about the transfer service, as they call it, is how they showed up in a luxury van. I’m not talking about an old passenger van you might see back in the states. These were actually the same make as the highest end luxury German cars that wealthy folks own.

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