Looking to Choose a Cruise As Your Next Journey?

July 21st, 2013

So you tried other types of vacations and are ready to try something new like world cruises. There are many types of cruises and perhaps you are overloaded with all the terms and need some clarification.

The first type is “Segments”. With this type you won’t be on board for the entire journey of the whole cruise, but as you may have guessed a certain segment of it. These can range anywhere from two to an excess of 6 weeks. This type of cruise is great for those on a budget who have a certain area of the world in mind or simply want to give the cruise line a test run.

The second sort is “Grand Voyages or World Cruises” These are the lavish type of cruises you will brag to your friends about. Typically lasting around 70 days They usually focus on a single hemisphere or continent.

The third kind is “Off Season Outings” If you can’t vacation in the typical cruise season there’s no need to worry. Quite a few cruise ships have off season dates for people like you. Continue reading »

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