Getting a Limo for Our Fancy Night out

October 21st, 2012

I have finally made the decision about what I am going to do to surprise my wife for our tenth wedding anniversary. I could not decide what would be the perfect way to celebrate the ten years that we have been together. I asked her best friend for some input to see if I could try to make it the best time of her life. She told me to take her on a vacation to New York and to get a bwi limo for the night and to take her out on the town doing the things that I normally would not do with her. She suggested dinner at this one restaurant in New York that I would never pay for as well as getting some tickets for the orchestra.

I am a very frugal man and will not spend money on things that I do not think that my family needs. This one occasion has made me feel the need to open my wallet and spend a little extra on my wife. I thought that it in addition to the vacation, limo, dinner the concert and the night out that I would try to buy my wife a brand new dress and surprise her with it.

I enlisted the help of her friend once again. We spent an afternoon out shopping together, which was a first, and finally found the dress that she thought would make my wife melt. I actually had to have her pay for it so my wife would not see it on our credit card statement. I then was able to get her to help me reserve the limo, make the dinner reservations and get the concert tickets. We both thought that it would be even better for my wife to keep it all a secret and surprise her with it the night before our big date. She is going to be floored.

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