Looking to Choose a Cruise As Your Next Journey?

July 21st, 2013

So you tried other types of vacations and are ready to try something new like world cruises. There are many types of cruises and perhaps you are overloaded with all the terms and need some clarification.

The first type is “Segments”. With this type you won’t be on board for the entire journey of the whole cruise, but as you may have guessed a certain segment of it. These can range anywhere from two to an excess of 6 weeks. This type of cruise is great for those on a budget who have a certain area of the world in mind or simply want to give the cruise line a test run.

The second sort is “Grand Voyages or World Cruises” These are the lavish type of cruises you will brag to your friends about. Typically lasting around 70 days They usually focus on a single hemisphere or continent.

The third kind is “Off Season Outings” If you can’t vacation in the typical cruise season there’s no need to worry. Quite a few cruise ships have off season dates for people like you. Continue reading »


Our Church Has Joined Modern Times

September 6th, 2020

I created a website for our church many years ago. It was just a very basic site that included things such as our mission statement as well as biographies of the church staff. We did not do anything like live streaming or online giving when I designed the site, because those things just were not something small churches did. We have about 200 people who come regularly, and we have since moved into a more modern age as far as technology and church are concerned. That is when I knew that we needed professional ecommerce web design help.

More people were staying home and wanting to watch the sermon online. This was mostly our elderly population, and this was especially rampant during bad weather months. The person who put together the live stream setup told me that he did not know how to do all the ins and outs as far as the website was concerned, so I went online to get some quotes. We have a small budget, and I was concerned that we would not be able to find anyone who could work with what we had budgeted.

I was really happy when the first company I looked at came in under what we had budgeted for their quote. They were going to redo the entire website, and they showed me how to update the video content every week. Now, our church members can watch from the comfort of their own home if they are not feeling well or if the weather is bad. Not only can they watch, but they can also do tithes and offerings online. They can even submit prayer requests that are received instantly and passed out that same day to our prayer team. This has not only helped our own members, but our church is now growing because others are able to watch our services live too.


Escort Etiquette: How to Act when Spending Time with a Companion

October 10th, 2019

So, you have decided you want to look for Las Vegas Asian escorts to spend time with. There is nothing wrong with that, especially if you know what you should and should not do when spending time with one. Here are some pointers that will help you understand how to properly conduct yourself during the entire exchange.

Do not assume that life is like the film Pretty Woman. This is insulting and it is not likely Las Vegas Asian escorts will want to see you again if you approach them this way. Many girls love what they do and they are not waiting for a white knight to come and whisk them away. Respect the fact that this is their chosen profession and avoid speaking negatively about it.

Take care of your personal hygiene. It is never pleasant to be around someone who has offensive odors. Continue reading »


New Home Security Systems Have So Much to Offer

March 9th, 2018

Alarm systems are a normal sight here in our neighborhood. Is it because we live in a high crime area? No. Is it because we are all paranoid? No. Is it because of any huge savings on insurance? Again, no. It is just because it makes sense. Do you have locks on your doors? Why? Likely it is because they are proven technology to keep people out that you do not want in your house. They are a barrier that if breached indicates intent. We have our ADT alarm system to act as a real deterrent to those who would like to take what it ours. We also have it for the fire safety and carbon monoxide warning it provides. Continue reading »


They Helped Me with Spring Cleaning

March 7th, 2018

I always do a big spring cleaning without fail. It is the one time of year that I know every single bit of my condo is going to get the proper cleaning that it needs. I do clean on a regular basis, but it is just impossible for me to get to all of it at the same time other than this one time of year. This year, I knew that I was going to have a hard time with it, so I decided to look into cleaning services in Singapore.

I had been under the weather for several weeks, but I was not going to let that hold me back from getting this tradition done. I knew that I could handle the smaller things on my own, but I just did not have the energy to take care of it all. Continue reading »


Life Can Surprise You in Ways That You Never Expected

August 9th, 2017

You never know what is going to happen in life. I had been living in the town where all of my family members live for the past 35 years. I figured that I would find someone there to marry and live out the rest of my life in that same place that I had always lived. But when I was offered a fantastic job that I could not pass up, I immediately began looking at as many apartments for rent in Hattiesburg MS that I could. I was going to take the job and everyone was so happy for me.

I have a college degree, but living in the smaller city that I lived in, there simply were not all that many options. I always figured that the right opportunity might come along while living there, but it never did. On a whim, I began looking at the classified ad section of our local paper at jobs at a nearby city that is 4 times the size of where I was used to living. I saw the best job one day, and I decided to apply for the fun of it. Never in a million years did I think they would call me for an interview, but they did. I put on my best suit and heels and had a great interview. They offered me the job within 24 hours.

Everything seemed to be moving so fast. Like I said, I had no idea they would even call me to interview me. But they did, and now I had to make a decision. I decided to go for it. You only live once as they say! I began apartment shopping quickly because I needed to move quickly. There was good reason because my new boss wanted me to start working for him in 30 days.


Moving Was the Right Thing for Me and My Family

September 2nd, 2016

Getting out of my home country is one of the best things that I could ever do for myself. Now, my plan is to help the rest of my family get out and join me where I am now. I miss home and I keep up with the latest Taraba news online, which helps to quell some of my homesickness. As much as I miss home, I will never go back. I am far better off now.

I grew up in an area that was often full of political strife. You ran into it in your daily life on a continual basis and it never let up. I saw the toll that it was taking on my parents. I knew that it would do the same to me as I grew older and had it affect me for many years, too. I promised my parents that I would get us all out one day. My dad was skeptical, but my mom said that she believed that I could do it. She saw the strength in my eyes and heard it in words. I felt the strength, too. Continue reading »


Pets Accepted in Very Nice Houston, Texas Apartments

August 30th, 2016

Mom has a pet cat. Everyone loves that cat except me. I must admit it is the relationship the two of us have. Not between my mother and I, but rather the relationship I have with the cat. It does not like me at all. I have never done anything to the cat to make it feel the way it does. My stance is that the cat now owes me. Mom thought she would have to give give up Dave, the cat, because she had to move. However, I found some nice Houston Texas apartments that are okay with pets. They allow cats and dogs. They are quite liberal with the weight limits on pets too. Most places only have a 25 pound limit on dogs, but these apartments let you have up to a 75 pound dog.

Dave is not 75 pounds, but he is fat. Dave was welcome at the new place. He is actually the laziest and friendliest cat I have ever seen. Continue reading »


The Wife Let Something Slip Last Night

June 10th, 2016

The other night my wife and I had our date night, although we did not go any place. We sent the kid to her mother and I cooked us a nice meal, fettuccine with alfredo sauce. I brought home a nice bottle of white wine and we drank pretty much all of it. At some point she started to get really frisky, which was more or less the whole idea. You need a little romance in a marriage. However she let slip that she had been looking at some 3some sites on the internet. Apparently this is something of a fantasy for her, but I was not keen on the idea until I had more ideas. Continue reading »


Taking a College Course on Sex

May 30th, 2016

Of course you have all sorts of sexual fantasies when you look around. Some of them seem perfectly normal when you compare them to the really strange stuff. For example a couple looking for 3some is probably just a little experiment, something to add a little spice to a marriage. In all likelihood they only plan to do it once to see what it is like, although there is going to be a lot of risk in it. A threesome is probably going to involve a compromise of some sort if you understand what I mean. For example a heterosexual man is not usually going to want to share his partner with another man and he certainly is not going to want to end up touching another man in a sexual context. However he is almost certainly going to be interested and eager to participate in a threesome if it involves himself and two beautiful women. Continue reading »


I Want to Get Mom an IPad

November 4th, 2015

There are all kinds of deals that will have people flocking to their computers on Cyber Monday. Black Friday may have been the biggest shopping day in the past, but I honestly believe that Cyber Monday is the new king as far as shopping days are concerned. This year, I am going to look at all of the deals, but I am mainly interested in looking at the Cyber Monday 2015 iPad deals. My mom does not ask for a lot, and she finally said she would not mind if we all chipped in and got her an iPad for Christmas.

I knew that my brother and his wife had already bought her cruise tickets, and my sister and her husband were working on a really nice surprise for her as well. Continue reading »


Subliminal Therapy Helped Me So Much

September 30th, 2015

Anyone who meets me seems to be amazed at how together I am. I wish I could take the credit for it, but I cannot. Just a year ago, I was living a very chaotic life, and I was frustrated beyond belief more days than not. This was all due to my job, but I was not in the position to change it, nor did I want to. I just had to find out how to let things slide right off me. A friend told me to look for a MindZoom coupon online that would give me a discount to the best thing that could happen to me.

I had not heard of MindZoom prior to this, so I decided to go their website first to see what it was about. I was impressed as soon as I started looking around it though, because I could have easily been one of those people who shared their testimony. I am talking about how they felt before they used the MindZoom services. Continue reading »


Jack Bought Some Used Packing Equipment

September 27th, 2015

I have no idea what we would do with this stuff, but I can not say that Jack was way off base. The stuff is called tray packaging equipment and you need it if you have a factory that produces things that you ship in trays obviously. In this case it came out of a factory that went out of business and when the auction was over no one bought this. The concept is pretty simple here. We either sell it for what it is on the web, or we take it to a scrap yard and sell it as junk metal. Of course it is worth a good deal of money if you need this sort of thing so we are willing to store it for a little while and see if any people want to make us a good offer on it. Continue reading »


Why I Now Use an R1 Server Backup

September 27th, 2015

Ever lose personal date due to a hard drive failure on a computer? How about business data? One might be annoying, the other could cost a lot of money. Not only in getting the computer fixed but also lost revenue due to data loss. I spent weeks working from morning until late at night getting my business running smoothly again after a major data loss. Clients were annoyed that I needed them to take time out of their days to help me. Now I use an R1 Server Backup so that this never happens again.

Many new types of businesses are run from a laptop. I had a business that was supporting my family that I ran from a laptop. I could sit at home or in a coffee shop. I kept meaning to do routine backups, but would neglect it at the end of the day because I was tired. I actually carried around one of those portable drives that I stored data on. Continue reading »


Started Getting Ready to Move

September 27th, 2015

Started getting ready to move this morning. I have very little time and so I have been looking for more information on exactly where I am going to live and how I will have to deal with the day to day stuff when I get down there. I am going to be working as a research assistant for a professor at Texas A & M, but we are not really going to be spending that much time in College Station. The job is out in the field and I am looking for a place that is further South and in a good location for traveling to various locations. This is stuff that is involved in the A part of A & M. It is about testing a specific type of agricultural technology and seeing how it works over a wide area. In fact it is sort of a secret. Continue reading »


Cheap Tree Work in New York

September 25th, 2015

About ten years ago, I bought a property that had far too many trees on it, but now the problem is even worse than it was then, as those trees have gotten larger. I guess that I should have bought a smaller property, because I did not realize how much yard work would be involved in cleaning up after so many trees. It is not fun, and that is why I have decided to try to find a tree service in westchester ny to cut down a number of the trees that are located on my property.

I am going to primarily target the trees that are the messiest, in terms of the things that fall out of them. I do not like to have to get acorns out of my yard, and the number of leaves that fall as Autumn arrives is kind of ridiculous. I originally liked the idea of kind of living in the woods, and having my house shaded by a number of trees. Continue reading »


We Wanted Our TV Programming Back

September 24th, 2015

I had our cable turned off about a year ago because no one seemed to be watching it very much. The kids didn’t really mind when the weather was nice outside, but it was a completely different story this past winter. It was a frigid winter, and they spent a lot more time indoors than they had in past winters. They quickly grew bored without having access to their favorite TV channels, so I decided to look into getting service again. I had received an email not long ago that told me to click here for the best deals in television programming, so that is what I did.

When I clicked on the link to take me to the website, I was happy to see that it was for satellite television programming. Continue reading »


Spending My Summer in South Dakota

September 24th, 2015

I am sitting out by a campfire right now, sort of watching the stars and also watching direct tv in naples South Dakota. My uncle has a place up here where he plays cowboy in his spare time. This is not really a town though and we are about five or ten miles from it any way. I think there are are maybe fifty people in Naples, but it is not like I looked it up. There are a lot more cows in this area and more horses than people pretty easily. My uncle has around a dozen horses and some ponies as well, some of them are pretty much wild and a couple of them are as tame as house cats. He has a couple of cutting horses and he likes to go out and move cows around the way that John Wayne would in one of those old Western Movies. Continue reading »


What Eating Organically Means to Us

August 29th, 2015

We started to change our diets at our house about a year ago. I am not talking about diet in the way most people do. I am talking about diet as in everything we consume in food and drink and supplements. A traditional definition of “diet” is to restrict calories by cutting out or cutting back on food. However, it means everything we do eat at our house as well as what we drink and the supplements we take. Our dietary intake includes a lot of organic food delivery in Singapore directly to our house. We prefer to eliminate as much of the chemical load as we can. You cannot tell me that some residual pesticides or synthetic fertilizers do not get into the fruits and vegetables that are not grown organically.

We are picky about our organic food too. We make sure it is really sourced from a farm that produces real organic fruits and vegetables. It is more than just a label to us. Continue reading »


Direct TV is Just a Better Deal

August 27th, 2015

We had always had our TV programming through the local cable company, but that changed not long ago after we had looked online at some Direct TV packages. We did that because our cable company warned us that they were in a dispute with a channel that we all like at home, and that we were in danger of losing it. That did not sit well with any of us, so we decided to become proactive rather than reactive with the situation. That is how we ended up at a site that sells and installs Direct TV.

We looked at their packages to make sure that we were able to get the channel that we were in danger of losing with our cable company. We were relieved to see that we would be able to get it with no problem on most of the different packages that Direct TV offers to its customers. That is another thing that is really nice. They don’t have just two different packages like the cable company. They have quite a few, which meant that we were able to tailor our programming package more to what we wanted instead of what the cable company wanted for us. Continue reading »


Prices for Cody Hotels and Amenity Information

March 25th, 2015

I think that I really pulled a quad pretty bad today. I probably shouldn’t play pick-up basketball with guys a decade younger than me. I mean, I like the competition, but this body doesn’t heal like it used to. Anyway, to get to the point. I am going to need to look up Cody Wyoming hotels because I have a friend that lives there and I promised to give them a visit in the near future. They invited me to stay at their place when I come to visit, but I really don’t want to impose, and plus I really prefer to have my own room. It is just a personal thing.

But I am not looking forward to the drive, because it is a long one. To be honest, I kind of get nervous or anxious on long drives. It is not something that I have ever talked to anyone about before, but it is the truth. I don’t want to look like I am scared of driving though, so I do it anyway. Continue reading »

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